Consumer Drones & CIA Cloud?

I was fascinated to read about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mention two things this week in a press appearance “Consumer Drones” & “Private Cloud”. Amazon as a company still continue to impress me, they are always at the bleeding edge and tend to see or imagine a long time before the remainder of the industry catches […]

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Amazon gets (more) serious about government cloud

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Not that you probably needed it, but here’s more proof that Amazon Web Services(s amzn) is dead serious about getting more government work. First, CloudFormation, the company’s tool that lets systems administrators manage sets of related AWS services from simple templates, is now available on Amazon’s GovCloud service. GovCloud was built for government agencies…

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The Secret Cloud…

To start this blog I thought a quote from Henry Ford would work quite well “A Business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about its profits, that they will be embarrassingly large!”. From my previous post I blogged about the fist fight in the enterprise public cloud, in which there are many players […]

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