Microsoft Hijacks Necurs Botnet that Infected 9 Million PCs Worldwide

Microsoft today announced that it has successfully disrupted the botnet network of the Necurs malware, which has infected more than 9 million computers globally, and also hijacked the majority of its infrastructure. The latest botnet takedown was the result of a coordinated operation involving international police and private tech companies across 35 countries. The operation […]

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“I’ve bounced back!”

If ransomware were a person, then it must be Alan Partridge, it just keeps bouncing back! I have been speaking about this very annoying yet simple problem to fix since 2015, just a reminder its 2019 and still Ransomware dominates news headlines and talk tracks from vendors. Forewarning this article is loaded with Partridge quotes, […]

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The worlds dumbest ransomware!

A new ransomware called CommonRansom was discovered that has a very bizarre request. In order to decrypt a computer after a payment is made, they require the victim to open up Remote Desktop Services on the affected computer and send them admin credentials in order to decrypt the victim’s files. Yup you read that right, […]

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Ransomware is Dead……..

It seems we have beaten ransomware and it will never surface again! Okay maybe not but lets be honest it has been fairly quiet in the news about ransomware especially after last years huge news around #wannacry #nonpetya etc. But does this mean that ransomware has had its time and is no longer around? Well […]

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Its that time again! Today Microsoft has released its monthly set of security advisories for vulnerabilities that have been identified and addressed in various products. This month’s advisory release addresses 56 new vulnerabilities with 16 of them rated critical, 39 of them rated important and 1 of them rated Moderate. These vulnerabilities impact ASP.NET, Edge, Internet […]

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Bad Rabbit

Ransomware strikes again in the form of Bad Rabbit, lets take a look at this ransomware strain, how it works and infects.

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