The Secret Cloud…

To start this blog I thought a quote from Henry Ford would work quite well “A Business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about its profits, that they will be embarrassingly large!”. From my previous post I blogged about the fist fight in the enterprise public cloud, in which there are many playersContinue reading “The Secret Cloud…”

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants…

“One who develops future intellectual pursuits by understanding and building on the research and works created by notable thinkers of the past” I thought this an appropriate opening to the topic of discussion here today. I will explain this metaphor at the end of my ramblings, but in the most basic form Amazon are theContinue reading “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants…”

Acceptable Downtime in our World? Introducing “Chaos Monkeys”

I first read an article about this on GigaOM, and this really got me thinking in ways that companies go about down time. All lines of businesses are different and some can accept downtime others cannot. If you think of the likes of services we depend on and use daily such as Google, Amazon, EbayContinue reading “Acceptable Downtime in our World? Introducing “Chaos Monkeys””

Twitter’s Blob store and Libcrunch – how it works

You may have read one of my previous posts “Arming the cloud” where I talked about why and how large cloud providers are using commodity hardware with intelligent API’s to separate the dumb data and intelligent data to give us a better service. Well in a world of distributed computing and networking you will probably not findContinue reading “Twitter’s Blob store and Libcrunch – how it works”

How we Could be Changing the Habit of Facebook

Let’s roll back to 2004 when Facebook was first launched, back then it was designed as a social media tool for Colleges in the US. Once Facebook started to gather momentum it was only then that people started to realize its potential. Just think of the last website you visited, did it have a “like”Continue reading “How we Could be Changing the Habit of Facebook”

Embrace the cloud, but be afraid of the cloud

Entering the Cloud Era, it’s a word for me which had little significance less than 3 years ago and now is all that seems to be pitched by technology companies. The giants such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure are the clear trail blazers here but why? For a start Amazons business model is so adaptable it isContinue reading “Embrace the cloud, but be afraid of the cloud”

Why I think Windows 8 is the Correct Design Philosophy…

Now we have all seen and heard the new Windows 8 marketing and it looks very good, but in actual practice I was only impressed with the philosophy. Let me clarify what I mean here, the “living tile” is how an OS should interface with the user. I am not interested in static app’s suchContinue reading “Why I think Windows 8 is the Correct Design Philosophy…”