One of the Secrets Guarding the Secure Internet Is a Wall of Lava Lamps

A company in San Francisco providing security and domain services for millions of the most prominent sites on the internet reveals its security secret, the secure encryption is generated by a wall of 100 lava lamps! Finally a use for lava lamps? Cloudflare protects around 10% of http & https requests on the net today,Continue reading “One of the Secrets Guarding the Secure Internet Is a Wall of Lava Lamps”

Web Scale Data Integrity with Rubrik

Rubrik web scale distributed file system integrity – Under the hood view

Zerto 5.0 Update 3 API Changes

Some users of Zerto may have seen an API change in 5.0 update 3 which related to a change in accept headers and content. Essentially if you have been using Zerto provided scripts on previous versions of Zerto such as RPO reporting over time, recovery plans etc. Then you will have found when you runContinue reading “Zerto 5.0 Update 3 API Changes”

Cerber-6 Ransomware technical overview and how to recover

I ran this webinar a few weeks ago and recently presented this at ZertoCON in Boston, the webinar covers Year to date Ransomware overview Cerber-6 deep dive, so you can see how advanced this now is Prevention you can do today to stop / limit ransomware How to recover using Zerto Click image below toContinue reading “Cerber-6 Ransomware technical overview and how to recover”

Wannacry, A De-Brief

#wanncry has been big news over the weekend so I thought I would note down what #wannacry is and my thoughts on this. The wannacry was a global ransomware attack but not like we have seen before, yes it delivered a ransomware payload but the way it delivered this required no input or mistakes fromContinue reading “Wannacry, A De-Brief”