One of the Secrets Guarding the Secure Internet Is a Wall of Lava Lamps

A company in San Francisco providing security and domain services for millions of the most prominent sites on the internet reveals its security secret, the secure encryption is generated by a wall of 100 lava lamps!

Finally a use for lava lamps? Cloudflare protects around 10% of http & https requests on the net today, Cloudflare was one of the first companies to provide free SSL so our browser sessions are encrypted and free from prying eyes.

I love this as is it is genius, think about it. A lava lamp is completely random, coding cannot be completely random generating numbers as the code requires a system to mimic or simulate chaos. Generating completely random encryption numbers at a huge scale like this requires a completely random system, enter the Lava Lamp!

The best encryption contains a truly unique / random key so it is more difficult to crack / hack. Cloudflare records its wall of lava lamps constantly and translates that video information in to unique cryptographic keys.

Just think the padlock in the top left of your browser address bar could of been generated by a lava lamp!

Have a look at the video (click the image below) for a glimpse in to this, I thought this was pretty innovative and wanted to share!


Time to dig out my lava lamps……

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