Ransom-ware Part 2

So what are the best practices to protect yourself from Ransom ware? I will share below, these are things you can do today to help protect yourself against ransomware.

First and foremost education and awareness is key among your staff, why? They are your front line and should be able to identify and report if ransomware has infected their system.

There are also some great programs now such as the “No more ransomware project” along with ransomware simulators such as Shinolocker.

Below are my lists compiled with customers on what you can do today to help stop ransomware.


Varonis run a great blog with scripts you can use today to alert if ransomware is in your environment link here along with shinolocker these are great tools you can use today, link here for shinolocker.

By far the most effective policy I have seen is restricting the ability for end users to run executable programs by locking down AD policies. This is a lot easier these days with app locker and is very effective.


In my next post I will show you how to recover from ransomware in a lab environment using the simulator above.


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