Volumes of Data are not the Issue the Filter is – 5by

“All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness.”

I often visit YouTube and just sit there looking at the screen wondering what to type in the search box, and more often than not I end up watching videos I have seen before or even worse cycling through tons of videos not really paying attention. Despite YouTube trying to change the website with categories and trending they still have not got the concept right.

Enter 5by the online video concierge:

Video Concierge
Video Concierge

5by takes an entirely different approach on how you consume online videos, you are greeted with the above screen when logging in and are presented with a menu which allows you to select a category such as “exploring” or “killing time”, then you are sent to a finer level of detail such as “travel” or “great outdoors”. It is once you have selected these two parameters that a video comes to the screen which is brought from YouTube or Vimeo. I must add at this point you do not get directed the video is in the portal.

While you are watching the video 5by asks you for reactions and presents you with an on screen menu to “LOL” & “OMG”, what this does is 5by takes your reactions and learns about what you do and don’t like so that next time it can serve up a better video for you.

I personally love this and although it is only in browser format for the time being the Montreal based startup are developing IOS and Android applications as they know this is the target market.

The concept is simple, easy to use and brings back some of the excitement of when YouTube first came about as for me YouTube is so full of everything you can ever imagine now it is hard to stumble across a video that is worth watching. I must say that now I have discovered 5by it has become addictive and as it feeds from the giants of YouTube and Vimeo you still get all the videos you could dream of just in an intelligent manner.

My opening quote may have seemed like I am lazy, I suppose I am in a certain regard but technology should work like this in my view and this is certainly a stepping stone. There is no shortage of videos out there you just need the correct filter!

Have a go on 5by you will not be disappointed, I am looking forward to the applications and if they can make this appear on my smart TV also!


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