Digital Breakdown

Okay so lets start with this, how many times have you checked your smart phone in the last hour? Better yet lets develop it a little bit, how many times have you tweeted, emailed or been on Facebook?

You see what I am getting at, society is being driven by digital media and its all time consuming efforts. The term digital breakdown I think is a tad harsh here but the concept remains.

As I have mentioned before, I always seem to be interacting with some screen using an interface and generally I am trying to do this while doing multiple other tasks. So I hear you cry whats the problem with being connected, well I think being connected is great but constantly is becoming too much for me now. I have so many directions and applications that I literally dread looking at my phone sometimes as it is simply eating my time responding. If we put half the effort back in to our life that we spend maintaining that perfect Facebook wall we would be better off.

I wonder when we will see smartphone black out days? Can you imagine a no Facebook day? Would people survive, my point here is that social media and interfacing with digital devices now is habit. We have been opened up to this world of information at our finger tips on a huge array of devices and we are literally frightened of missing something.

One person has tried this who is Brad Feld who is an MD for a Foundry Group VC firm. He stayed away from his iPhone for 14 days and his comments are below:

“There’s some magic peace that comes over me when I’m not constantly looking at my iPhone. I really noticed it after two weeks of not doing it. After a few days of withdrawal, the calm appears. My brain is no longer jangly, the dopamine effect of “hey – another email, another tweet” goes away, and I actually am much faster at processing whatever I’ve got on a 27″ screen than on a little tiny thing that my v47 eyes are struggling to read.”

Now later on in his write up I think he stumbles across a point that people are missing, its not that we don’t want information its that we want it to be relevant and filtered. Peter Hinssen quoted “There is not too much information, simply a lack of an intelligent filter”. I agree with him, I love information yet I do wish that someone could effectively filter this information. As I highlighted in a recent post “Windows ” I believe they have taken the correct step forwards with this, but still for all its effectiveness it still doesn’t filter what is most important to me at that time.

One idea I am spinning around is that surely we are at the stage of where my iPhone can be intelligent? so why can it not look in to my recent posts, diary, schedules, and times and only give me what I need at that point, everything else can wait until I release them to read them. I find this a highly relevant concept, but an incredibly complex one. If you have ever seen the film “Minority Report” you may know what I mean, when Tom Cruise walks down the street and the advertisements pick up his eyes and propose a relevant advert.

Well that kind of data is already here and this is leveraging big data and analytic s  to intelligently suggest items to purchase based on buying patterns. Retail are trail blazing this as we become an ever increasing consumer price driven, comparing world. Anyway what I am saying is can we not get that intelligence in to our smart phones and create this filter.

Maybe someone has done this, but so far I have not discovered this and I will be surprised if I am the only one with this view.

That being said I am signing off and going to see how long I can keep the smartphone off for.


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