Why I think Windows 8 is the Correct Design Philosophy…

Now we have all seen and heard the new Windows 8 marketing and it looks very good, but in actual practice I was only impressed with the philosophy.

Let me clarify what I mean here, the “living tile” is how an OS should interface with the user. I am not interested in static app’s such as on Apple. Apple is a great OS but I feel they have not transformed it in a while and it is becoming stagnant.

Anyway back to Windows, I think they looked at the Flip board app (check it out on your app store) and thought how do we aggregate this in to an OS. The Living Tile collates all your feeds whether they be; news, social, media and anything in between in to one space which update constantly. So in one look of my screen I can decide which stream of information gets my attention. I don’t know about you but I spend most of my time looking at so many streams I never actually read and digest them as I fear I am missing something else where!

Anyway that’s my two pennies worth in the hat for why I think the design philosophy is better with the “Living Tile” and why static applications are a thing of the past! The new Nokia windows phone (if I can ever get my hands on it) should be good!

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